This fascinating, astonishing, inspiring interview will blow you away. It’s that simple. From the moment that Whitley Strieber and Kenn Thomas start talking until the beautiful, unexpected and extremely powerful last few words, you will be on a journey into truth unlike any you have experienced before. Our world is being destroyed by masters of deception and the people who serve them, and the only way to find our way out of the deadly labyrinth that they have created is to learn and undestand. That’s what this great interview is all about.
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One of the strangest and most ominous of all the strange stories about America’s hidden history starts with an early UFO incident known as the ‘Maury Island Incident,’ and ends with the catastrophic death of John F. Kennedy. It is little known that JFK was actually among the very greatest revolutionaries in history. He was about to end the Federal Reserve, and he was about to disclose the truth about UFOs. Taken together, these two things would have changed our world completely, setting us on a completely different more