There are certain segments of DNA that have remained relatively unchanged in the tens of millions of years since mammals split from their reptilian forebears— tried and true segments of code that remained unchanged throughout the course of mammalian evolution. However, roughly one million years ago a sudden change inread more

A biotech company that is proposing to clone woolly mammoths for reintroduction into the wild has recently received a 60 million dollar boost to the project’s funding, a cash injection that the company says will enable them to produce their first mammoth in just four years, to walk the Earth for theread more

The “Hobbit-like” being that inhabited Indonesia 50,000 years ago known as Flores Man may not actually be extinct as previously assumed, according to local lore of the indigenous population on the Flores island where the fossils of the hominid were discovered in 2003. In an essay published in The Scientist, socialread more