The future of motoring is about to change radically. In the future, there should be no need for noisy, fuel-guzzling vehicles that belch damaging fumes into our precious atmosphere, pounding our roads and harming our environment, as advances in science have provided stunning new alternatives, some of which do not even require a driver.

One such innovation has emerged from motor giant, Toyota, who have been prototyping a new "hover-car" developed through their sophisticated Research and Development division.
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We’ve seen it in comic strips and graphic novels, but it never appears in auto shows. But it turns out that more than a dozen flying cars are in development, and Terrafugia, a firm based in Woburn, Massachusetts, is about to launch the first commercial model, called the Transition.

According to the Economist, "The Transition is perhaps best described as a road plane, rather than a flying car. It is essentially a small, $279,000 plane that has been designed to be legally roadworthy. Push a button and the wings fold up, allowing the pilot to start driving it like a car. It even runs on (gasoline), with a range of 600 miles on the ground or 400 miles in the air. Around 100 aircraft have been reserved, and the first is due to be delivered later this year." read more