A mysterious squadron of unidentified drones has been conducting nighttime operations in the skies over northeastern Colorado for a number of weeks now, leaving both residents and authorities alike baffled as to who is coordinating the machines. The six-foot drones first appeared sometime in mid-December 2019 over Phillips and Yumaread more

As wildfires engulf large parts of Arizona and Colorado, firefighters are searching desperately for a new way to fight them. It?s dangerous for fighters to get in front of the flames, so they end up fighting the fire from behind, desperately trying to put out as much of it as possible and feeling helpless as they see it take a new path.

They might be able to head it off if they could dump water on it from the air. They do some of this, but the amount that can be dropped is so small, it?s like pouring a thimble of water on a bonfire. Also, drop planes have to fly low and close the fire, or else the water they drop will evaporate before it reaches the ground. This is dangerous work, and lives have been lost this way.
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