“The great pyramid is designed to be operated by an electrical and magnetic field created by a human being,” says musician, inventor and explorer Paul Yates, who has toned with William Henry in the temples of ancient Egypt.

William had profound insights while toning with Paul, and talks with him about them and about the ancient technology of vibration that he has rediscovered in Egypt.

Paul talks to us from Cairo, where he is currently doing research into the many aspects of sonic technology left behind by the ancient Egyptians.

Paul’s website is SoundofAllThings.com.

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–New Study Shows Repressed Memories are Real

It is two thirty in the morning on March 17. I have just awakened from one of the most disturbing nightmares of my life. In this nightmare, I am in a school. It?s about 1948, and the school is in a large building that is, I believe, on Randolph Air Force Base. Our teacher is Dr. Krause. I am sent to conduct two new students up (or down) to the classroom. We must take an enormous freight elevator that has a door the slides open to one side, and then double doors that crack up and down.
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By Whitley Strieber Copyright (c) 1999, Whitley Strieber

Next week, the book I have written with Art Bell, The Coming Global Superstorm, will be published, and I am about to suffer from the same press torments that have dogged me since I published Communion. I am routinely punished for writing that book, either by false and unfair reviews, or by being ignored. Despite the fact that Communion is a book of questions, it is taken to be a claim of alien contact, and I am viewed as a proponent of something akin to a false religious belief. I am hurt as much as possible short of legal limits in order to limit my impact and, in the best of all possible worlds, destroy me.
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A couple of months ago, I quit putting material up on this website. The reason was that I was so overwhelmed with work that something had to go. Art and I were finishing our book, I was learning how to host a radio program, a lot of personal things were happening, and I was having the most intense series of contact experiences that have come my way in years.

It is these experiences that I want to talk about now. One would have thought that, after all these years, they would have changed their structure somewhat, becoming more focused and defined. If you’d asked me in 1989 what my contact experiences would be like in 1999, I would probably have predicted that they would be more direct and “normal” than they were then.
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