At CERN, the particle collider in Geneva, scientists have captured antimatter atoms for the first time. Until recently, many physicists weren’t sure that antimatter actually existed, except in the theory that postulates that during the Big Bang, when the universe was created, matter and antimatter were produced in equal amounts. But antimatter is hard to isolate because matter and antimatter destroy each other instantly, on contact, in a violent flash of more

The positronium is a particle created when you bind together an electron and its antimatter opposite, the positron. It’s shortlived and unstable particle, existing for only about 142 nanoseconds before decaying into two gamma ray particles–however, this strangle particle ma help us solve some of the biggest mysteries in the universe. How? It can be used to create a Bose-Einstein condensate, a special, ultra-cold form of matter in which particles move so slowly that it’s possible to observe their quantum effects. This week’s Dreamland tells you what kind of extraordinary information we may discover this way.Meanwhile, at CERN, billions of particles continue to collide with each other at h igh speed (close to the speed of light).read more

We can hear the sound of the God PARTICLE, anyway. One the particles that the Large Hadron Collider, known as CERN, is the Higgs Bosun, or “God Particle.” And one way the scientists there are locating them is by listening for their distinctive sound.

In BBC News, Pallah Ghosh quotes physicist Lily Asquith as saying, “If the energy is close to you, you will hear a low pitch and if it’s further away you hear a higher pitch. If it’s lots of energy it will be louder and if it’s just a bit of energy it will be quieter.”

Ghosh quotes CERN engineer Archer Enrich as saying, “When you are hearing what the sonifications do you really are hearing the data. It’s true to the data, and it’s telling you something about the data that you couldn’t know in any other way.” read more

Are there time travelers among us? Could the CERN collider not only reveal dark matter, but bring some of these travelers out into the open? NOTE: Subscriberscan still listen to this fascinating interview).

The Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland known as CERN has already been sabotaged by a bird. On the CNet website, Nick Hide reports that this time, a strangely dressed young man named Eloi Cole tried to sabotage it again recently, claiming to have travelled back in time to prevent it from destroying the Earth.Cole said he stopped supplies of Mountain Dew (which must be one of the CERN scientists’ favorite tipples) to the experiment’s vending machines, and also claimed responsibility for bird sabotage last year.
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