Cellphone companies have long stated that there is no proven link between mobile phones and health problems such as brain tumors. Despite this, they have been secretly working to develop devices that will reduce the amount of radiation absorbed by the brain.

Patents filed in the U.S. by Nokia, Ericsson and Motorola show that these companies have been working on protective devices for their cellphones for almost a decade. The earliest patent was filed in 1993.
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Brian Barrett, a victim of terminal brain cancer, believes his tumor was caused by his cell phone and says that the CAT scan of his brain shows that his tumor exactly matches the area of the radiation penetration from a cell phone antenna. He is bringing a lawsuit against the cell phone industry.

“I was an active cell phone user for many years, since the ’90s, mid-1994, and still use it but in an entirely different way because of what happened,” he says. “My billing would be a thousand, over 2,000 minutes per month.” He now uses a model with a separate ear piece.

“Brian’s case is very similar to over 100 potential plaintiffs we’ve spoken to around the country and in Europe,” says his lawyer, Joanne Suder. “We see a pattern here.”
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