In very ancient times, were there gateways on Earth that led into other worlds? And if so, where were they, and can they be found or reconstructed? Listen as William Henry and Annke Koreman discuss this subject, and she shares her research in Egypt and southern France in search of these gateways and the lost secrets of a very different Christianity that was eradicated by the Roman church.
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William and Clare Henry have just returned from Southern France where they explored areas that were once the stronghold of Cathar Christianity, a sect that was completely wiped out by the Catholics in 1244 in Europe’s first genocide.
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Kathleen McGowen is a master of legends and their meaning. You can see her work on episode three of the History Channel’s Ancient Aliens, and here she talks about something we all need to hear more about: the fact that 2012 is an exciting and positive period of change, not the dire upheaval that is so beloved of the media and the internet.

This is a period during which people have an enhanced opportunity to awaken, and Kathleen has powerful ideas about just how to do that. She explains how to access the lost senses that the ancient world knew, understood and used.

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