Astronomers are warning us that asteroid 2014 DX110 is on target to hurtle between the Earth and the Moon on Wednesday, passing close to our planet at a distance of just 217,000 miles (350,000km).

At 98ft (30m), 2014 DX110 is a relatively large object belonging to the Apollo class asteroid group, a class of Earth-crossing objects that pose a potential threat of impact. Scientists are currently aware of 240 Apollo asteroids, but it is thought that there could be at least 2000 Earth-crossers with diameters of 1 km or larger. If one of these giants hit Earth, it could carve out a crater about 10-20 times its own size.

Alex Miller has discovered that astrological events associated with named asteroids apparently have direct relevance in the lives of the people bearing those names. Based on the way we understand the world around us, this seems completely impossible. And yet, something totally unexpected seems to be happening.

Listen as he offers compelling details about the connections he has found. But how can this work? For the most part, scientists named these asteroids, and recently. This is one of those true outliers–a thing that cannot be true but seems to be true. Listen and wonder–and evaluate–as Whitley Strieber asks Alex the very questions that are in our minds about this totally unexpected discovery.

In the last few hours, a "Deep Impact" style scenario has unfolded in space as a huge asteroid grazed past Earth last night at 27,000mph.

The asteroid passed within 2 million miles of Earth, not exactly a "near miss" but close enough to make scientists sit up and track its progress with more than a passing interest.

The asteroid, known as 2000 EM26, was a chunk of space rock of around 885 feet (270m)in diameter, and was discovered on March 5th 2000.

Prophets and soothsayers have been predicting the end of the world for thousands of years, with possible extinction-level events cited as super-volcanoes or earthquakes, giant solar flares, pollution, plague and pestilence, and the favourite of the 20th century, nuclear war. There is no doubt that planet Earth is currently under-going what Confucius would describe as ‘interesting times’, with all of these proposed threats simmering away ominously in the background as we continue our ordinary lives. One of the other threats which could end Life as we know it, and one which has been credited with extinguishing the dinosaurs millions of years ago, is if the Earth was to be struck by a sizeable asteroid, and it is this scenario which could occur in the not-too-distant future.