This letter was sent to by an Unknowncountry
reader, in reference to Whitley’s Journal "Crawling Toward Nirvana."
Whitley found it thoughtful and interesting, and asked that it be posted

Letter from a Reader: the Pain Problem

You might also try opening yourself to divine healing energy (I don’t
mean visitors specifically–but certainly they are further along the
spiritual growth phase than we are). Odd, but I heard from 2 separate
places now, that the divine is always sending us healing energy as
soon as our physical cells request it, but with our free will we may
decline it, because it does not fit within our preconceptions or
belief systems.

For example, some people might have a strong belief that healing has
to come from a "doctor" or some such other "authority," otherwise they
subconsciously decline the healing energy. So one option for healing
is literally to be open to the possibility of such healing energies.

So much of healing is actually about deciding that we are already
healthy, which is of course the origin of placebo effect, but it goes
much deeper. We all have inherent healing ability, that we have not
utilized as a society so this ability has atrophied as would any
muscle, when it is not exercised regularly. We stopped healing
ourselves as we literally stopped believing we could.

A very real possibility is that you are unconsciously holding onto
some deep emotional pain, as we are all now in a growth / change
phase, the heavy emotional pain in the body will be attracted to the
heavy world we are leaving, causing tension and stress with the other
parts of your body, which are themselves literally "lightening" up and
being pulled to our rebirth in the world of light that we are

I would suggest take very careful notice that events that happen in
your personal life, and think about what messages they are trying to
give you. For example, assume if Joe does something to you, and this
makes you feel strong negative emotion such as anger, then think what
limiting beliefs must you have for me to feel the anger (what limiting
belief system must be true, in order for me to have the particular
emotion of anger).

This means you can actually be thankful for Joe for giving you the
string emotion, as he may lead you to discovery of your internal
belief system that is causing the emotion as a result of his actions.
In doing this, be mindful, but not obsessed with mind, stay in the
now. You can then forgive Joe and be thankful of him as he is actually
helping you perfect yourself, no matter what the motivations of Joe
originally were. This also frees you of any possible karmic bonds to
Joe in the future.

Pain is resistance to the natural self. It also brings us back into
the body, which is a long way towards helping with the cure. If we
stay in the body and in the now moment, but don’t focus on the pain,
we can accept the pain and than it as as your friend and messenger.
Try to work out what message the pain is trying to impart. Very likely
working out the meaning of the message, will help you understand the

I was also thinking that this healing ability was part of our natural
state, before we became trapped in the notion of the false mind-self
(or ego), which is when we also started to focus our consciousness
excessively outside of ourselves.

As a society when we moved to mind-centric thinking, we literally
moved away from the body consciousness, and away from a direct,
personal perception of the divine and healing. For some thousands of
years, particularly in the west, we have searched for the divine
outside of ourselves, which is a search that can only ever find road
signs, the true path was and is always inside of us.

All this is not to say to stay away from doctors, but to realize that
to some extent all dis-ease might have had a non-physical trigger or
root cause. You need to find such treatment that you believe will
benefit you, as belief in any treatment will help said treatment,
whatever it is, to work well for you. If a dis-ease has been
established for a very long time and has caused serious disease, then
a doctor might be the best or only option. If the dis-ease has lot
taken as much of a hold, natural cures might be a less aggressive
option to the body.

Maybe this is even part of the origin of the allegory of the fall from
Eden in biblical terms. In this story we ate of the tree of knowledge,
and we thus excluded *ourselves* from the garden of Eden. This could
be interpreted in the modern context, we chose with our divine will to
move from a natural state of physical being-ness, being one with our
body and it’s inbuilt connection to the divine.

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