A. J. Gevaerd, Brazilian MUFON Director, offers this response to Linda Moulton Howe and her defense of the Urandir Oliveira case in Brazil, and U.S. researcher Richard Dolan’s defense of Ms. Howe.

The Brazilian Bedsheet Abduction Case, by A.J. Gaevard

I have worked for years on this case, and my belief is that it is a total hoax. Please observe that it goes much, much deeper than most people can figure out.

I am a UFO researcher in Brazil for about 30 years, and for 19 I have been the editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine, the only one in the country. For the last 7 years I have been observing quite closely all activities of the alleged “abductee and contactee”, Mr. Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, whose case Linda Moulton Howe is supporting in a strangely energetic way. I can tell you that I know almost everything about that man´s activities, as he lives only about 40-50 miles from my house and I have run several investigations on his background and field investigations of his other “cases”.

I can garantee you, in my strong opinion, that everything that man claims, when it comes to Ufology, is a bunch of fabricated stories, a set of lies that goes beyond the reasonable. And I can prove most of it, as I have investigated most of them personally (and unlike LMH, I spoke to other people in the area, including authorities), collected literally dozens of signed reports from people who have caught Mr. Urandir faking “UFO and ET appearances” etc. I have details of several of that man´s hoaxes, including the testimonies of his former partners, who took part in the hoaxes before they were fired by Mr. Urandir.

Since the very beginning of this debate I have tried to warn LMH of the situation, but she refuses to hear not only me, but the entire Brazilian UFO Community, who has protested about her support to a hoax and have sent her much informationabout it. Why It is an open question. But most people don´t know some curious details of the fabrications. For instance, Mr. Urandir claims that his abduction, that left marks in the ceiling and in the bedsheets and pillowcases, took place because he “was supposed to attend an intergalactical gathering with aliens from 49 races, including Jesus Christ”. Yes, this is his claim, taken very seriously by his followers. LMH has the knowledge of it and chooses not to publish this detail in her website Earthfiles.com. Why It is another open question.

How does a serious UFO researcher and journalist proceed in a case like that LMH is supporting a case so full of holes that it seems quite strange to me that she keeps doing it. In order not to let the case be entirely discredited, she simply ignored and never reported in Earthfiles.com why Mr. Urandir was abducted, according to him. She also knows, and never published, that he also claims that he “was the only person from Earth selected to take part in that intergalactical meeting”. What would the readers of Earthfiles.com think of the case after they know these claims and after they know that LMH knows them and choose not to publish them.

Just for the record, let me describe some of the other claims from Mr. Urandir, always according to him: he is capable of bring dead people to life again; he can heal cancer, aids and all sorts of diseases; he speaks several different alien languages; he is a friend of Ashtar Sheran; he has travelled all over the universe and know many ETs; he can concentrate, meditate and make UFOs and/or aliens appear just by doing that; under his farm ground there is an alien base with 250,000 intraterrestrials, etc. Is this enough Does LMH knows that Yes, as I personally told her. Is she publishing that in her report No. Why Because it would disgrace her “case”.

During the whole course of LMH´s investigations, she has only heard one side, which is the side of the most interested person in this story, Mr. Urandir himself. My considerations, just to list a few, are:

(a) She should never accept a ticket from the person whose story she was supposed to investigate and who is more than happy to have her supporting that case;

(b) She should run a complete investigation about that person’s background, in a case of such magnitude, hearing friends, family members, old partners etc;

(c) She should listen to people who have investigated the same case or other cases from the same person;

(d) She should search both local (Corguinho) and national (Brazil) records or testimonies about the claimant’s history;

(e) She should have talked to press members both locally and nationally to obtain information on the claimant´s background.

(f) She should inform the readers of Earthfiles.com the facts that she prefers to omit, such as “why” Mr. Urandir was abducted.

She did none of these very simple and fundamental things! I feel that she did everything wrong from the very beginning. And she is doing everything she can, now, to keep the case legitimate. I guess she figured out that she would have a lot to loose if she gives up know. But, on the contrary, I think that if she did so now, then she would be doing the very first proper thing. Well, a little late, I agree, but it is better late than never.

By supporting that case her credibility is gradually being questioned. It is not me who is telling this. I have dozens of e-mails from researchers in all over the USA and other countries, supporting my move to explain the facts properly and condemning LMH´s conduct in this case. Who is she discussing the case with Certainly not with the people who know Mr. Urandir´s activities much better than her, the Brazilian UFO researchers.

Is Urandir Mr. worth the risk I wonder who is paying for so many lab analysis Just wonder. If they are free of charge, okay. If they are being paid by LMH herself, okay. But what if they are being paid by the very interested party I am sorry, but I have a problem with that. Big problem. And I guess that most serious UFO researchers do. I have done hundreds of field investigations in my life, in just all over Brazil and several other countries, and never had a ticket paid by the interested parties!

Also, I wonder (and I hope that other serious UFO researchers wonder too) who would spend several thousand of dollars to have his/her case analyzed and verified by an independent investigative reporter, one of the most reputable in the USA Definitely, it won´t be a “humble farm”, as she describes Urandir, the claimant whose case LMH so energetically supports. Let´s give some thoughts about it.

But above all, the problem with LMH’s conduct towards this case is that she pretends that the entire Brazilian UFO community – at least 300 UFO investigators, of which 100 are very active – lives on Andromeda and is completely out of reach.

She seems to be completely deaf to the protests of an entire UFO community, which knows the case so very well and much, much better than she will ever do. So what kind of journalism is that What kind of investigative reporter is LMH, when she keeps ignoring the voices that she should hear

A. J. Gevaerd, editor, Brazilian UFO Magazine. Copyright (C) 2003, A.J. Gevaerd.

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