As part of our series on new Communion Letters, “Gary” writes: It was about 9:30, Sunday night, November, 1993 when I saw the Black Triangle UFO.

I noticed three red lights low in the sky ahead of me. They were moving in unison, very slowly across my field of vision from east to west. At first I thought they must be the lights of a low flying plane, perhaps about to land. Then I thought, no, they must be helicopters because a plane, even if it was landing, wouldn’t be moving that slowly. The trouble was, I couldn’t actually see the craft or crafts that the lights were attached to. They were, maybe, a half mile ahead of me, about 30 degrees to my right.

Normally, I wouldn’t have paid much attention to this at all because I’d been making that Sunday night drive past Boeing for twelve years. This is also not too far from the Sea-Tac Airport. In all that time I’d seen plenty of airplanes and helicopters flying low in this area.

But something was different this time. It took me a minute to realize what it was. It was the fact that the lights weren’t blinking. I thought that was odd. It seemed to me every airplane or helicopter I’ve ever seen flying at night had blinking lights. I squinted my eyes as I drove toward the lights, trying to see just what I was actually looking at. Although I was now only about two blocks away from being directly under the flight path of these lights, I still could not make out what they were attached to. However, from their slow, steady movement, in unison, I was pretty sure all three of them were attached to a single object rather than being independent of each other. By the time I was directly in line with their flight path, they were about to enter the airspace over Boeing Field to my immediate left. At this point I was convinced it was a single, low-flying craft of some kind and I knew there was something very odd here. I pulled my car off to the side of the road and rolled down the window to get a better look. But the craft was now directly over head so I had to get out of the car to see it.

I opened the car door and stepped out. Craning my neck to see the craft as it passed slowly, directly over my head at an estimated altitude of less than 500 feet, I could see it was a gigantic black triangle. There is no other way to describe it because that’s precisely what it was; a huge, black, triangle; not just “sort of” triangular shaped, like one of those stealth jets I’d seen photos of. It was just one big, three-sided, cookie-cutter-straight edged, black, geometric shape; a triangle with one large, round nonblinking red light at each of its three corners, flat up against the underside of the craft. There was a high, gray cloud cover that evening, subtly lit by the Seattle city lights in the distance. I could clearly and unobstructedly see the object like a huge, dense black silhouette against this gray ceiling. It appeared to be about the size of a football field.

I arrived at the size estimate by recalling what the playing field looked like in the Kingdome from way up in the last row. It seemed to me that the craft was about the same distance from me that the field was from the “nosebleed” seats in the stadium. And regarding the altitude, I remember thinking afterward that if I was Randy Johnson (then star pitcher for the Seattle Mariners) on a good day, I could probably hit the bottom of the darn thing with a ninety mile an hour fast ball. That’s how close it appeared to be.

Suddenly I realized, as I stood there in the dark on this quiet empty street, the object didn’t make a sound! Maybe more than anything else, that’s what made the whole thing so eerie. Something that huge, that close, moving through the air at a snail’s pace should be making some kind of a sound. A hum. A rumble. Anything. But, no. It just moved across the sky like something out of a Steven Spielberg movie with the volume turned off. I looked up and down the street to see if anyone else was witnessing this silent event, but the street was dark and empty in both directions. I looked up again at the mysterious craft now blending into the dark horizon. I watched it until I couldn’t see it anymore and then it was over.

The weekend following my sighting, I told my ex-wife about it. We’re on good terms and I was either picking up my son for a weekend visit or returning him. In any case, what she then told me was rather startling. She works as a cocktail waitress and has conversations with many people during the course of her work. She told me that recently one of her customers, a Boeing employee, told her there was an underground manufacturing facility located somewhere on the Boeing property where they were building a huge, triangular craft. Supposedly this was a “secret” underground facility that no one was really supposed to know about.

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As part of our series on new Communion Letters, Gary writes: It was about 9:30, Sunday night, November, 1993 when I saw the Black Triangle UFO.

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