Here’s another way men and women are different: Men’s offices have more bacteria than women’s offices. Also, New York City offices have more germs in them that San Francisco offices (and what about the bathrooms?)

This was discovered in a study of the bacteria in more than 90 offices in three cities–San Francisco, New York and Tucson–and on five types of surfaces: chairs, desktops, phones, computer mice and keyboards. The bacteria count in men’s offices was 10 to 20% greater than in women’s.

In the June 5th edition of the New York Times, microbiologist Scott Kelly is quoted as saying, "It was fairly uniform across all of the samples It could be men are just bigger–they have bigger mouths and more surface area–but it could also be that men are less hygienic. These were just regular office buildings, where we have no evidence that people are getting sick.

"But if we do have a sick building, we can now look at what’s going on there."

Where does desk bacteria come from? Mostly human skin. Kelly says, "You’re constantly probably shedding these bacteria in this environment. The people in the offices are the main source of these organisms."

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