Not because of any radiation that might be emanating from it, but because texting–instead of meeting with friends face to face–is associated with a greater risk of heart disease.

Neuroscientists have found evidence that experiences leave imprints–not only in our brains, but on our HEARTS. They’ve learned that people who practice what’s known as "lovingkindness" are less likely to have a heart attack.

We not only need to exercise in order to achieve good muscle tone, we need to be aware of our vegal tone, as well. What’s that? Well, your brain is tied to your heart by your vagus nerve, in a kind of heart-brain connection. When your vagal tone is high, you’re better able to regulate the internal systems that keep you healthy, like your cardiovascular, glucose and immune responses.

In the March 24th edition of the New York Times, Barbara L. Fredrickson writes: "So the next time you see a friend, or a child, spending too much of their day facing a screen, extend a hand and invite him back to the world of real social encounters. You’ll not only build up his health and empathic skills, but yours as well. Friends don’t let friends lose their capacity for humanity."

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