Explorers may have proven that a Yeti-like creature is living in Sumatra, because hairs and a footprint found there do not belong to any known species. They’re searching for the Orang Pendek, also known as the Sumatran Yeti. According to legend, it’s about 5 feet tall, walks upright, and is either brown or orange in color.

Hair expert Hans Brunner spent 18 months analyzing the hair’s DNA and concluded that it matches no known animal. Adam Davies, one of the expedition members, says, “Hans Brunner?confirmed it’s an unknown primate. People describe the Orang Pendek as being quite small but very strong and stocky?and eye-witnesses all talk of a primate which walks upright. It’s a very exciting discovery.”

Primatologist David Chivers says, “We are still hoping to get a photograph or find a carcass, but Adam and his mates found hard evidence. Dr. Brunner has analyzed the hairs and they are not like anything we know. The footprints I have looked at are unique. It has something in common with the apes, gibbons and humans, but it is different. Local people shot one once, but because it was so like a human they were embarrassed and buried it and it couldn’t be found again.”

Before you let anyone scoff at anomalous information, show them confirmation that the world is more complex than it seems.

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