Methane is one of the most highly potent greenhouse gases–25-33 times more powerful than carbon dioxide. For reasons we don’t yet understand, occasionally huge amounts of methane are outgassed from places where they are stored on Earth (such as peat bogs and permafrost) and on the ocean floor, warming the atmosphere considerably. On Coast to Coast AM last week, Whitley told us what to look for when this process starts: Record high temperatures in the northern Arctic, beginning this summer.

The usually conservative National Science Foundation recently issued a press release warning that "Release of even a fraction of the methane could trigger abrupt climate warming." When Whitley first learned about climate change from The Master of the Key, he followed the right path and wrote "The Coming Global Superstorm," which became the hit movie "The Day After Tomorrow." Pick up the NEW, REVISED edition of The Key at your bookstore on May 12! Whitley has written a new foreword to the book that tells about how so many of the predictions by the Master of the Key were later validated by scientific discoveries, including (and especially) global warming. If you want to make sure WE’LL still be here tomorrow, and the ONLY way to do that is to subscribe today!

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