Floods Drown Europe, Pakistan, US Midwest as Drought Withers Australia, California – Rarely have such weather extremes been observed as are taking place around the world now. Parts of Australia remain crippled by drought, and Southern California has experienced is driest 12 months since records began being kept in 1877. Meanwhile, violent weather and floods have struck the US Midwest, Pakistan, India, England and much of Europe.British weather forecasters are predicting that this will be a year without a summer in the UK, and flooding so far has caused an astonishing two billion dollars worth of damage. Meanwhile,storms have dumped billions of gallons of rain on northernEurope while Greece was experiencing the highesttemperatures ever recorded

As Unknowncountry has reported before, observed weakening Gulf Stream flow could be responsible for the collapse of summer in the UK, but so far no scientific comment has emerged on this.

Salvano Briceno, director of the UN International Strategyfor Disaster Reduction has warned that the world mustprepare itself better for the weather catastrophes that arenow inevitable. “We cannot wait to be taken by surprise,” hesaid, “we know what is going to happen and we can preparefor it.”

The Bishop of Carlyle has blamed the flooding on climate change, and commented that the world has “used the earth’s resources in an uncaring way,” with the result that traditional weather patterns are collapsing.

At least 300 people have been killed in Pakistan and India over the past week, as Cyclone Yemyin smashed into the region, and the annual monsoon continued to unload far more rain than normal. However, the cyclone struck such isolated areas that damage reports remain sketchy. High cyclone activity in the area continues to threaten Bangladesh with a storm surge that could kill millions.

Meanwhile, in the US, a fantastic eighteen inches of rain fell in a single day on the town of Marble Falls, Texas, and the National Guard has been called out to assist in a mandatory evacuation of Osawatomie in eastern Kansas. Eleven deaths have been blamed on the US storms.

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