An orphan boy who was raised by monkeys in the African jungle has arrived in Britain to sing with a children’s choir, and a woman who disappeared into the jungles of Cambodia as a child has been found after living in the wild for almost 20 years.

The BBC reports that John Ssabunnya, who is now 14, was abandoned when he was two years old in the jungle in Uganda. Green monkeys adopted him and raised him. During the 3 years he lived with them, he ate their diet of fruits, nuts and berries, and they taught him how to climb trees. In 1991, he was spotted by a local woman, who reported the sighting to her village. He was taken to an orphanage, where he learned to speak and live as a human being. During this time, it was discovered that he has an extraordinary singing voice. He still seems to be able to communicate with the monkeys.

Rochom P’ngieng, who is now 27 years old, was spotted living in a similar situation in Cambodia. In the Independent, Ker Munthit quotes a local policeman as describing her as “half-human and half-animal.” A 45-year-old villager has identified himself as her father and says he recognized her by a scar on her arm. The girl disappeared when she was herding buffalo in a remote area.

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