Will the border fence between the US and Mexico, which was signed into law on Oct. 26 but has not yet been funded, keep out illegals? Should we be trying to keep them out?

Daniel T. Griswold, of the CATO institute, says, “The only lasting solution to illegal immigration will be to offer a legal alternative. A temporary worker program?would allow peaceful and hardworking people to enter the United States legally instead of illegally, and fill jobs in such important sectors as construction, retail, hospitality, food processing and agriculture that an insufficient number of Americans are available and willing to fill. In the 1950s, the U.S. government dramatically expanded the number of temporary visas available through the Bracero Program for Mexican agricultural workers. The result was an equally dramatic fall in illegal entries to the United States. When Congress ended the program in 1964, illegal immigration began to climb again and has not stopped since. Our own experience teaches that border enforcement alone without real immigration reform is doomed to fail. If it is ever built, the 700-mile fence will stand only as a monument to the failure of Congress to learn from that experience.”

Attorney Margaret Wong, who founded the largest immigration law firm in Ohio, agrees, and says, “Absolutely, the border fence will not work. The only way to eliminate undocumented workers from crossing the Mexico-US border is to educate Mexicans that it’s dangerous to cross illegally. They should get good visas, period.”

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Five years ago, Anne Strieber wrote a diary about crossing the border legally, while, unbeknownst to her, others died nearby, while crossing illegally. All governments are full of secrets and ours is no exception, but the only way to fight this rule by secrecy is to broadcast the truth? again and again?and that’s what we do here on unknowncountry.com. Support us in this important mission: subscribe today. History will thank you.

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