The earth is changing, and so are the leaves (but not as fast as they usually do). Are you frustrated by your attempts to go leaf peeping this season, since those fall colors seem to show up later and later? Scientists put it down to the same problem that’s causing global warming: Too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which prolongs the growing season of trees.

Researcher Wendy Jones says, “Carbon dioxide fools the trees. They think they should still be growing when they ought to be going through autumnal senescence.” This was shown in an experiment where plots of trees were exposed to varying levels of carbon dioxide and ozone.

We’d love to tell you that you’ll be able to see lots of lovely colored leaves in Joshua Tree in October but alas, it’s in the desert, so that isn’t the case. However, we do have a wonderful, spiritual (and AFFORDABLE) retreat for you, so we hope you’ll join us there! Subscribers: You have a coupon that gives them $25 off ticket prices!

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