Will global warming continue in 2010? After a protracted quiet spell, the sun is waking up. So far, Solar Cycle 24 has been the quietest in a century, but December was the most active month of the cycle by far. The 11 year solar maximum should peak in late 2012, but with such a long, deep solar minimum, the peak could be delayed. There is evidence that solar activity and planetary weather are related, but also studies that show no connection. At present, earth is experiencing a mini cooling cycle related to the upwelling of cold water in the Pacific Ocean. Will the return of a high level of solar activity, if this happens, also mean that earth’s climate will change? Over the next twelve months, we could find out.

2009 is ending with a flurry of sunspots. The month of December has had more “spotted days” than any previous month of the year by a significant margin, and all of the month’s sunspot groups have been members of new Solar Cycle 24. Could this herald an end to the deepest solar minimum in nearly a century?

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