One of the most confusing things about being pregnant is figuring out what to eat. And did you know there?s something you should eat if you WANT to get pregnant?

In New Scientist, Phil McKenna reports that women who want to get pregnant but are having trouble doing so may need to switch to a high fat diet, because fertility experts have found that a low fat dairy diet of skimmed milk and other low fat dairy foods) can prevent ovulation.

In another New Scientist article, Roxanne Khamsi reports that once you ARE pregnant, you should lay off the beef. Scientists are trying to solve the mystery of why so many men born in the last 30 years have low sperm count, and they think it may be because their pregnant mothers ate a lot of hormone-treated beef.

She quotes UK fertility researcher Allan Pacey as saying, “Even though males don’t start producing sperm until puberty, it is during the time in their mothers’ wombs, and in the early years of life as an infant, that the testicles develop their capacity to produce sperm.”

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