The patrons of Benson’s Hide-A-Way near Kettle Moraine State Forest in Wisconsin aren?t afraid to talk about their UFO sightings, abductions or missing time experiences. Owner Bill Benson says, “The reason we started the UFO thing was people had this to share without being laughed at or scoffed at.”

It all started when a crop circle was spotted on a nearby farm in 1947. Since then, many area residents have reported strange lights in the sky. Back in 1978, for example, Benson was driving a milk truck on a trip of about 13 miles. “It took me an hour and 15 minutes to get there?and I don’t know why,” he says. He has a small red circular scar on his ankle that he didn’t have when he got into his truck. “It’s never gone away,” he says.

Local radio host Bob Kuehn uses his weekly program on Fond du Lac’s KFIZ-AM to ask the aliens to show up on the third Saturday in July. “They only want to show once a year,” Kuehn says. Benson videotaped this year’s appearance, in which six small round lights flitted across the sky.

John Hoppe and his wife Jennifer saw the lights in the sky. “We’re trying to track UFOs over the state and see if there’s a pattern,” John says. “Hopefully, we can figure out what’s going on. There’s too much out there to say the phenomenon is not real?You listen to the locals out here. They have unique stories so obviously they have been seeing something.”

“I’d rather not be known as the UFO Capital, but that’s my own personal preference,” says Belleville Village President Jo Ann Therkelsen. “I don’t think the chamber would want to give up the title.” The village got that nickname after a series of sightings in 1987. They still hold an annual UFO Day festival, but “I don’t really think we’re looking for UFOs anymore,” she says. But according to Hoppes, Dane County is still one of Wisconsin’s UFO hot spots.

Wisconsin has more UFO sightings than any other state except New Mexico, according to the Air Force Blue Book. To see the Hoppes? website,click here. John says, ??If you can’t sleep, go outside. You might see a UFO.”

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