The UK is experiencing weird weather too–in fact, that country has experienced its "weirdest" weather on record in the past few months, scientists say. The driest spring for over a century led to the wettest April, May and June ever recorded. This could be the start of periodic wings of alternating droughts and flooding–here in the US too?

The scientists said there was no evidence that the weather changes were a result of man-made climate change. But experts from three bodies warned the UK must plan for periodic swings of drought conditions and flooding.

In BBC News, Roger Harrabin quotes environmentalist Paul Mustow as saying, "We have to get our heads round the possibility now that we’re going to have to move very quickly from drought to flood–with river levels very high and very low over a short period of time. "We used to say we had a traditional flood season in winter–now often it’s in summer. This is an integrated problem – there’s no one thing that’s going to solve it. The situation is changing all the time."

In 1998, Whitley Strieber had never heard of climate change, but the Master of the Key burst into his hotel room in Toronto and told him all about it, which led to his bestselling book "Superstorm."

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