The Office of the President Elect has created a websitecalled that asks citizens to propose and vote ona large number of different issues. ONE OF THOSE ISSUES ISUFO DISCLOSURE. We urge you toCLICKHERE to vote YES on this issue right away, and, if youwish, add your comment. To see Whitley’s comment, keep reading.

This is Whitley Strieber’s comment, added at the site:

It is long past time for government to acknowledge the factthat something strange andunexplained, at least to the public, is appearing in ourskies and, for many of us, also in our lives.

Even if no more is done than that the existence of thisunknown is honestly acknowledged by the official world,science can engage with the vast wealth of information thatis already available in the form of imagery, witnessreports, possible debris and other objects, and many otherareas, and begin to form a clearer idea of who is here andwhat they are doing.

In addition, the National Academy of Sciences must not onlyend its prohibition on granting and thus research into theUFO phenomenon, it must dignify such research as an urgentpriority, on behalf not only of the American people, but allmankind and, most especially, our children and those as yetunborn.

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