This week, the Sci Fi channel is running a poll about the new movie The Day After Tomorrow based on The Coming Global Superstorm by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber. Sci Fi is owned by Fox, the company that is also distributing the movie. They ask: “Do you believe such a scenario is possible?” So far, about 4,000 people have voted. 48% say, “Yes. It’s only a matter of time,” 34% say, “No. It’s hysterical exaggeration” and 19% say, “I’ll believe it when hell (or New York) freezes over” (which it does, in the movie). readers are more up-to-date on the facts about global warming than anyone else, so let your voice be heard and vote! If you become a new subscriber by May 6 (this Thursday), you?ll receive a free autographed copy of the novelization by Whitley Strieber.

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