British scientists are trying to turn fish into vegetarians, in order to save the dwindling stocks of fish around the world. Fish farming looked like the answer at first, but salmon, trout, haddock and cod in fish farms are fed on smaller, wild fish. Since they consume up to five times their own weight, farmed fish are using up much of the world’s fish supplies.

But researchers think they’ve discovered a chemical that makes farmed fish eat vegetables. Dr. Andy Moore has developed a synthetic version of the chemical that makes them hungry. When it?s spread in the water, fish start frantically looking for something to eat. If they get hungry enough, they?ll eat anything?including vegetables.

Don Staniford, of Friends of the Earth, says, “The fish may swallow the idea?but will consumers?”

Don?t forget, British agricultural scientists are the ones who thought up the idea of having cows?which are natural vegetarians?eat ground-up cattle parts, leading to the scourge of Mad Cow Disease.

We are what we eat?but what are we eating? Find out the truth from ?Eating in the Dark? by Kathleen Hart,click here.

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