One of the strangest cases in the British Ministry of Defense’s recent final release of UFO cases concerned a 17 year old boy who had been camping in Cardiff when he had witnessed 10 to 15 orange balls of light spirit his car away with his bulldog puppy inside. Neither the car nor the dog were ever seen again. If true, this improbable case would represent one of the few involving the abduction of a pet, and the only recorded incident of a car being permanently taken, although there have been cases where they have been moved, usually with the occupants inside.

Now the witness, Keith Robins, has come forward in support of his story, telling Wales Online that "I don’t know 100% what happened, but I’m going to believe it for the rest of my life."

He had gone camping with two friends in 1992 in the area of Whitchurch, about 3 miles north of Cardiff, the capital of Wales. They were seeking a campsite when they observed 12 to 15 glowing objects that appeared to be in the area of the car. Robins returned, only to find the Datsun gone, along with his Staffordshire Terrier puppy. Neither has ever been seen again.

A police search proved fruitless, and Robins reported the incident to the Ministry of Defense.

The most recent and last release of UFO documents from the Ministry of Defense contained 4,400 pages of reports deposited by the public between 2007 and 2009. The Ministry has now shut down its program, claiming that the UFO phenomenon poses no defense threat. In 2011, the MoD announced that it had ‘lost’ all of the files relating to the UK’s most famous UFO case, the Rendlesham Forest case, in which numerous military witnesses saw and interacted with unknown objects over a period of days. In this approach, they followed in the footsteps of the US Air Force, which claimed that it had ‘lost’ all records from the Roswell Army Air Field from between 1947 and 1952 when the General Accounting Office sought them on behalf of New Mexico Congressman Steven Schiff.

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