The British Ministry of Defense has issued a policy memo stating that all newUFO reports it receives will be destroyed after 30 days. Thedestruction of UFO reports is nothing new. After aninvestigation was initiated by a congressman into theRoswell Incident, the General Accounting Office found thatall trace of any records from the Roswell Army Air Fieldbetween 1947 and 1952 had been mysteriously destroyed.

The MoD has already releasedover 6,000 pages of documents from 1994 to 2000 that detail hundreds of UFO sightings, abductions and contacts across the UK, many of which detail bizarre events that certainlywarranted more investigation. For example, in one case aman’s car was enveloped by a “tube of light” that made himill and caused him to develop an unknown skin condition.

Many people had sightings of triangle-shaped craft: another man arrived home to find an glowing blue triangle hovering over his garden, which shot off after leaving behind a ”silky-white” residue behind, which he collected and kept. But there is noindication of any effort to analyze it.

Some of these documents indicate that the tracking of UFOson radar is actually fairly common.

The Feb. 28th edition of the British newspaper the Sun says that in 2009 alone, the Ministry of Defense recorded a total of 634 UFO sightings. During the last decade, the annual average annual number of UFO reports is nearly 150, so the number of sightings is rapidly increasing. And so thedecision is: now that the situation is becoming morecritical, ignore it more completely.

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