On September 13, Uknowncountry.com reported a case of a possible murder by UFO, as recorded by the National UFO Reporting Center. Dreamland science reporter Linda Moulton Howe began an immediate investigation, and two Unknowncountry readers from the local area offered their services as correspondents for us.

The original story reported that two farmers had observed a UFO lifting a man in a beam of light, and that a local resident had later been found mysteriously dead in an inaccessible area. It was also reported that the FBI had taken control of the body, and that the UFO sightings had been reported in the local paper and on area radio and television stations.

On October 3, Point Township police chief Gary Steffen announced that 39 year old Todd Sees, who was found dead on August 6 after a two day search, died from a cocaine overdose. The death has been listed as accidental.

Local authorities and the bereaved widow were besieged with phone calls from would-be investigators and curiosity seekers, to the point that Chief Steffen threatened to arrest people for harassment.

Unknowncountry.com correspondents were under instructions not to disturb family members in any way.

The reality behind all of this is as follows:

No story about UFO activity ever appeared in any local paper. The FBI was apparently never involved in the case. Police officials state that the only calls about UFO activity in the area came after the story appeared on the internet. No UFO witnesses can be found in the area by either of Unknowncountry?s private correspondents, both of whom are local residents and familiar with the community. Our correspondents are not aware of each other?s identity, but both are giving us essentially the same report.

Opinion: At this point, we can say with reasonable assurance that this was either a hoax or is being skillfully covered up.

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