to cover up the truth! – When it comes to conspiracy theories, we know that UFOs are at the top of the list. When you receive FBI files under the Freedom of Information Act, you find they are mostly useless, because huge blocks information have been “redacted” (blacked out). A British newspaper reveals that the same thing is true in the UK for declassified UFO files.

In the February 22nd edition of the Independent, Sam Marsden writes that the Ministry of Defense (MOD: the English equivalent of the Pentagon) says they had to black out “uncomplimentary comments” made by their investigators about members of the public who reported UFO sightings (which shows they probably didn’t take these reports too seriously and were making fun of the people involved). However, the newly-revealed secret memo says the files also had to be edited for references to military technology and that the MOD was afraid that publishing only part of the information would “fuel accusations of a cover-up.”

Marsden reports that, according UFO expert and journalism professor David Clarke, two-thirds of the secret UFO archive (about 120 files) still have not been released to the public. Here at unknowncountry, we don’t BELIEVE in keep secrets, and last year our Dreamland hosts revealed A LOT of them. Whitley Strieber told NEW encounter stories and offered astonishing information about the hidden realities of the close encounter experience. Jim Marrs opened a door into the secrets of the powerful that will literally change the way you understand your life and your world. Anne Strieber recounted the TRUE abduction stories–heartrending, thrilling, awesome–that REAL people tell. And William Henry gave us rich new insight into the real secrets of transformation. Linda Moulton Howe presented the most extraordinary crop circle lecture ever conceived. The best news of all: If you missed it (or want to listen again), you can!

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