NIDS (The National Institute for Discovery Science) keeps track of sightings of triangle-shaped UFOs and has determined that these sightings occur mostly near military bases; therefore, they may be secret military aircraft. However, it can’t be as simple as that, since these craft have been sighted since the 1970s. Now NIDS has a report about a triangle-shaped craft that nearly collided with a commercial jet. It came from the direction of the Moffet Air Force Base in California.

The latest sighting was seen by two witnesses in San Jose, California. NIDS reports that, “Just after sunset Kenny and Jeff stepped outside their music recording studio for a smoke?Kenny noticed a large commercial jetliner approaching from the northwest?What was unusual about this sighting was he spotted a triangular stealth-black object following the jetliner?The BT (black triangle) was larger (wider) than the jetliner. It was flying faster than the jetliner, and was on a collision course?The BT suddenly slowed down and seemed to momentarily stop in midair just before it would have hit the jetliner?Jeff said he first saw the BT nearly motionless as the jetliner banked?As soon as the jetliner was no longer in the BT’s path, Kenny and Jeff said it shot ahead at high speed, silently, and disappeared out of sight in about 5-6 seconds? Kenny said the edges of the triangle glowed purplish, similar to that of a black light. Some of the light illuminated the underside of the craft around its edges. Jeff said the BT appeared purplish black and was slightly transparent (or gave him that impression).”

Did you know there’s a book that contains the most remarkable UFO sightings ever recorded?written by a NASA scientist? During his lifetime Dr. Paul Hill was not allowed to go public with his information, but after his death, his daughter found the manuscript and published it.

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