According to a recent study, recent hurricane seasons, triggered by global warming, did a lot more than spread misery and financial woe in Florida and New Orleans. When four hurricanes crossed the state of Florida in 2005, the huge rainfall of rainfall that accompanied them may have caused a fish-killing “red tide,” due to runoff from farms. Red Tides are caused by nitrogen-rich fertilizers washing from farm fields into lakes and the ocean. The nitrogen spurs high algae growth, blocking sunlight and causing fish to smother.

Meanwhile, environmentalists have gotten a setback, as the Supreme Court just voted to weaken the federal protections under the Clean Water Act for more than half of the nation’s remaining wetlands and streams, putting many of those waters at risk for pollution and destruction. Big business hates the wetlands protection laws, because they set aside certain areas that cannot be built on. Wetlands protect the areas of land next to them from storms, floods, and tidal damage. The plants that grow in them help to filter pollutants in the water.

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