Steven Sora is one of the best historical researchers weknow, and he’s come out with two books at the same time, oneon his most recent Templar discoveries and the other onrelics?which are real and which are fake. And some of themARE real and DO still have real power! And this week’s showbegins with a special report byJim Marrsabout that terrifying release offlu virusworldwide that took place this week. Was it a stupidaccident?or terrorism? Are there a lot of new diseasesaround lately? Don?t miss Jim’s hard-hitting report!

Whitley and Anne both talk to Steven Sora this week onDreamland andMysteriousPowers. On Dreamland, we discover that the Italian explorerVerrazano found aTemplarBaptistry in what is now Newport, Rhode Island, in 1524,and that Columbus was related by marriage to a Templarfamily, and probably had access to their navigationalsecrets. More importantly, we learn the secret behind themysterious inscription “Et in Arcadia Ego…” that appearson the famous painting by Nicholas Poussin, “The ArcadianShepherds.” (For a detailed analysis of this painting, readBlue Applesby William Henry). In the subscriber section, Whitleyexplores Steven’s discoveries about the connections betweenthe Mick Mack Indians of Nova Scotia and a Scottish clan ANDperhaps finds the true identity of theMaster ofthe Key, the mysterious man who shared his amazing wisdomwith Whitley in a hotel room in Toronto.

Like all of us, Steven Sora has wondered about theauthenticity ofCatholicrelics such as the Shroud of Turin, the Skull of John theBaptist, Noah’s Ark, the Holy Grail and many more. Did youknow that every alter in every Catholic church must containat least two relics? Or that a Catholic relic inspiredHitler to start World War II? These relics have been scoffedat by skeptics, but many of them still seem imbued withpower today.

To top it all off, on Linda Howe’s science report, she tells about a truly bizarre andterrifying dog death in Arkansas, in an area where manyweird animal deaths have taken place over theyears?including one a bull that was dropped to its deathfrom the air! She also reports on new crop circles in TheNetherlands. Nineteen-year-old Robbert van den Broeke lookedout his bedroom window and saw a “small, misty,pinkish-purple light” shaped like a football coming over thewheat field at a height of about ten feet. This is the samekind of light that Linda herself sawhoveringover a crop circle in England.

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