A series of solar flares will hit the Earth over the next few days, which could cause disruptions in satellite transmissions, such as satellite TV, cell phone and GPS systems. Airplanes may have to change routes in order to continue to receive control tower transmissions. Who knows what will happen? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). One thing we DO know: There will be an incredible Aurora Borealis display.

In TechNewsWorld, Richard Adhikari quotes space scientist Bernard Jackson as saying, "In the past, a couple of satellites have died when a large ejection of mass has hit them. One of them was a Japanese spacecraft." He quotes NOAA’s Joe Kunches as saying that although these are the largest flares since 2006, they will be accompanied by only a "minor to moderate magnetic storm at G1 to G2 level." One thing subscribers can ALSO listen to this weekend is Whitley reading the exciting third chapter of his upcoming novel "Hybrids," to be published in October. He’s already read chapters One and Two–now he reveals even MORE!

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