In baseball dugouts, we see players swigging special sports drinks that are designed to replace the salt lost in sweat, but if they listened to the results of a new study, they would be drinking chocolate milk instead!

Eddie Pells reports in that a small group of fit athletes worked out on a stationery bicycle, then drink low-fat chocolate milk, a fluid-replacement drink like Gatorade and a carbohydrate replacement drink like Endurox R4. A few hours later, they rode their bikes again, this time until they were exhausted.

The athletes who drank the chocolate milk were able to ride their bikes about 50% longer the second time. This may be because milk not only replaces lost fluids and electrolytes, chocolate ALSO raises our serotonin level, so we’ll have more enthusiasm for the task ahead.

The study was financed by the National Dairy Council, so it could be a bit biased. Will we see chocolate milk mustaches on our professional athletes soon?

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