Most of the beef we eat here in the US is tainted with antibiotics, because ranchers fatten the cattle up by feeding them corn, which irritates their stomachs (grass-fed cattle don’t need these medications–and ALSO do not raise your cholesterol).

Stuart Levy, a world-renowned expert in antibiotic resistance, says that evidence argues for stricter regulation of this practice. He says, "The United States lags behind its European counterparts in establishing a ban on the use of antibiotics for growth promotion. For years it was believed that giving low-dose antibiotics via feed to promote growth in cows, swine, chickens and the use of antibiotics in fish farming had no negative consequences. Today, there is overwhelming evidence that non-therapeutic use of antibiotics contributes to antibiotic resistance, even if we do not understand all the mechanisms in the genetic transmission chain."

In other words, eating beef from cattle that have been fed antibiotics because they have been fattened up with corn leads to dangerous resistance to antibiotics in people, even if we don’t understand exactly how this happens. For the past 70 years, humans have relied on antibiotics to combat bacterial infections such as streptococcus, meningitis, tuberculosis and urinary tract infections. The misuse and overuse of antibiotics, however, has contributed to antibiotic resistance, making antibiotics less effective at saving lives.

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