Will the vaccine still work when we finally get it? – Linda Moulton Howe will be back on Dreamland this week with a special report on the mutating Swine Flu virus and we’ll be talking to a scientist who has UFO experiences on Dreamland! Does the virus mutation mean that the Swine Flu vaccinations which most of us are still waiting to get will be ineffective?

Infectious disease experts are awaiting an infinitesimal event of momentous importance: The mutation of the novel H1N1 influenza virus. Microbiologist John Tudor says, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization are constantly monitoring the virus as it spreads, but there is no way to predict where, when or if mutation will occur.”

Tamiflu can help ease your symptoms, but DON’T take it as a preventative. Tudor warns that this could contribute to the virus becoming resistant. He says, “Staff at a camp in North Carolina gave campers prophylactic doses, and later, when some became ill, Tamiflu didn’t help. Like any other medication, we need to use it appropriately for it to be effective. The CDC recommends against giving flu drugs to healthy people in order to prevent illness.”

The Swine Flu vaccine, which is being released nationwide in the weeks to come, as well as the regular flu vaccine, can both help stave off this flu, even if the virus mutates. Many doctors are recommending a pneumonia vaccine as well, which lasts for 5 years.

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