Cell phone radiation helps PREVENT it – After all the controversy over cell phone brain damage, surprising news has emerged: It has been discovered that while cell phone radiation is bad for some people, it is actually GOOD for the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.

Cell phone radiation actually helps prevent Alzheimer’s, but so far these experiments have only been carried out with mice. The cell phone study took place on almost 100 mice that were genetically engineered to develop Alzheimer’s as they got older, in cages were arranged around a cell phone which emitted radiation for 2 one-hour periods daily for 7 to 9 months. When older Alzheimer’s mice with memory problems were exposed to the radiation, their memory impairment disappeared. The benefits took months to show up, meaning that a similar effect in humans could take years.

BBC News quotes researcher Chuanhai Cao as saying, “Since production and aggregation of beta-amyloid occurs in traumatic brain injury, particularly in soldiers during war, the therapeutic impact of our findings may extend beyond Alzheimer’s disease.”

Sometimes a having received a single gene (from one of your parents) for a dreaded disease can protect you, while having both (receiving one from EACH of your parents) will mean you will contract the disease. This is nature’s way of protecting the majority at the expense of the minority, and it may help explain why some people get Alzheimer’s and others don’t.

Until the last 100 years, few people lived long enough to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, so it wasn’t the problem that it’s becoming today. Scientists are pretty sure that, while it can be delayed, it is basically passed genetically. Now they have discovered that people who have Alzheimer

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