Russian scientists claim to have developed the world?s first artificial brain, a ?neuro-computer? with the same intellectual potential as a human brain. Earlier attempts to create artificial intelligence have all failed.

If this proves to be correct, this may well be the most important breakthrough in years. The development of artificial intelligence has lagged badly in the west, and there is an increasingly urgent need for truly intelligent machines to support complex human activities in an increasingly challenging world.

Scientist Vitaly Valtsev said that the new computer is based on the brain cell, or neuron, and uses new discoveries in neurophysiology to produce a truly thinking machine. But he warned that the new brain could turn into a Frankenstein?s monster if mistreated.

?This machine needs to be trained like a newborn child,? says Valtsev. ?It?s extremely important for us to make it a friend, not a criminal or an enemy.?

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