Two weeks ago, we were reporting unusual lights andexplosions over Indonesia. A month ago, the phenomenonappeared over China and Australia. Now, the phenomonon isbeing reported over Wisconsin

In all three [previous cases, the events were attributed tometeors. In all three cases, they were followed byearthquakes. Last Sunday, an extraordinary 47 quakes struckChina as the horrendous Sumatra ‘great quake’ caused thetsunami that has killed at least 155,000 people and injuredhalf a million. A quake between Tasmania and Antarcticapreceeded the Sumatra quake by four days

Now police in north central Wisconsin are receiving numerousreports of bright flashes and explosions in that area, thatare once again being attributed to meteors. After one of theflashes and explosions, residents observed a persistent glowin the woods, but nothing was found. FAA officials inMinneapolis-St. Paul attributed the events to probable meteors.

Wisconsin is not considered an earthquake prone area. Themost powerful earthquakes known to have taken place in theUS in recorded history are known as the New Madrid sequence,which took place in 1811 and 1812.

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