The rocky road – If space travel is in our future, we need to learn how to identify and avoid the “rocks” in the “road.” Somebody else seems to be doing it right now, so we should be able to as well. China is monitoring meteors as well.

New research from NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescope reveals that asteroids somewhat near Earth come in assorted colors and compositions. Some are dark and dull, others are shiny and bright. Physicist David Trilling says, “These rocks are teaching us about the places they come from. It’s like studying pebbles in a streambed to learn about the mountains they tumbled down.” And if we know where they came from, we can figure out where they’re GOING (that is, if they’re going to impact the Earth).

Meanwhile, China is setting up a country-wide system to monitor incoming meteors, but in this case, they’re searching for UFOs. In order to detect UFOs, the equipment needs to include an infra-red level of monitoring, and this is exactly what other nations need to take the first step toward solving the UFO mystery. The stations will be run only at night, by computers only, with a dome that opens and closes automatically according to weather conditions. Test operations at the stations will begin in a few months.

In the September 7th edition of the Chinese newspaper the Global Times, Xuyang Jingjing quotes UFO researcher Zhou Xiaoqiang as saying, “It’s often difficult to determine what the flying object is based solely on experience, when there’s only a picture or a witness’ recollection.”

Why haven’t WE traveled to other planets (and galaxies)? The Master of the Key said that the reason we’re not in space yet is because the parents of the child who would have learned how we can escape gravity was killed in the holocaust (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show).You can travel to a new world of information every week on unknowncountry: Make sure we’re still here tomorrow and subscribe today.

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