Not only is China polluting the earth, now it’s throwing trash into space as well.

A year ago, China intentionally destroyed its own aging weather spacecraft with an anti-satellite (ASAT) device, creating in the process a lingering cloud of dangerous space junk?the largest amount of orbital debris in five decades of worldwide space activities. In other words, they left so much litter in space that NASA had to execute a collision-avoidance maneuver with its spacecraft in order to evade it.

Put in harm’s way by the debris cloud of Earth-circling satellite fragments are billions of dollars of operational satellites in the service of numerous nations, as well as the International Space Station and its crew. NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office at the space agency?s Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas has stated that the cloud of clutter from the ASAT test “represents the single worst contamination of low Earth orbit during the past 50 years.”

The motto “Leave it like you found it” should apply to space too.

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