Even reptiles reflect this – War zones are everywhere these days: There are many problems along the border between Israel and Jordan, one of the places the Palestinians came from. Even the reptiles are different (they’re more cautious in Jordan).

There are more reptile species in Jordan than in Israel. Biologist Uri Shanas says, “The boundary is indeed a virtual marking that appears on the political map and is not capable of keeping these species from crossing the border between Israel and Jordan; but the line does stop humans from crossing it and thereby contains their different impact on nature.” On the Jordanian side, for instance, the red fox is far less common, so that Jordanian gerbils can allow themselves to be more carefree.

His study inspected the reptile population and revealed that the number of reptiles is similar on both sides, but the variety of species in the sandy areas of Jordan is significantly higher than the variety found in the sands of Israel.

The differences between Israel and Jordan are primarily in the higher level of agriculture and the higher number of agricultural farms in Israel as opposed to Jordan’s agriculture that is primarily based on nomadic shepherding and traditional farming.

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