If you think someone is watching you, it may not beparanoia. Researcher Stefan Schmidt believes he’s provedthat our sixth sense is real. In one experiment, a volunteerin a sealed room watched a second volunteer in another roomon close circuit TV. The second volunteer was hooked up toelectrodes which recorded the electrical activity of theskin, and showed that he felt a “prickle” at times when he was being watched.

Anil Dawar writes in the Daily Telegraph that in a secondexperiment, the first volunteer concentrated onmaking the second person feel uncomfortable or relaxed.Again, they were in separate sealed rooms. Schmidt says that”for both data sets there is a small but significant effect.”

But psychologistRichard Wiseman says, “The number of times you turn aroundand find someone not looking at you far outnumber the timeswhen you do, but you only remember the times you turnedround to see someone looking.”

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