When men donate sperm, they might worry about the results, but should people be concerned about receiving an organ donation from a deceased murderer? Surprisingly, a number of them are.

BBC News reports that neuroscientist Bruce Hood discovered this after surveying 20 students about how they would feel about such a donor if they needed a heart transplant in order to save their lives and was surprised at the result: “Essentially they believe they will somehow take on those characteristics of the donor.”

We have some nifty guys presenting some wonderful talks at our Dreamland Festival this year. Our Dreamland regulars will all be there: Jim Marrs will focus (as usual) on conspiracy, beer and the Nazis among us. Whitley will reveal his latest secrets about the Visitor experience. And William Henry will talk about how the Founding Fathers were not who they are portrayed as being!

Art credit: Dreamstime.com

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