There are only 200 places, don’t get turned away! – We hear what you’re saying: we’ve made this year’s Dreamland Festival even more affordable and even MORE fun! Our Dreamland Festival will take place this year in Nashville during the lastweekend in June (that’s June 26-28). William Henry, who is organizing the event, has found us a wonderful new AFFORDABLE hotel on the pleasant campus of the Scarritt-Bennett Center in Nashville. This year, our regulars will reveal the secret knowledge that they keep to themselves most of the time. Our theme is “What We Know…and What We SUSPECT.”

Whitley Strieber will describe experiences from his hidden 11 years with the visitors, things he has never told before. Anne Strieber will tell about her discoveries after reading half a million letters about abduction, and reveal her secret beliefs. William Henry will call for a new American Revolution of the spirit that reflects the true ideals of the Founding Fathers. Jim Marrs will detail the common threads of religious and political authoritarianism and identify the REAL rulers of the world. Linda Moulton Howe will, for the first time, link newly discovered secret documents to attempts to back engineer alien technology involving crop circles. And psychic medium Marla Frees will be giving readings!

Remember, there are exactly 200 places and no more. Make sure YOU get one of Them! And don’t forget: subscribers get 10% off the ticket price.

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