We recently wrote that Atzlan, the Mexican Atlantis, might be in Utah. Now an ancient Indian site has been revealed that was kept secret by a rancher in Utah for over 50 years.

Paul Foy writes that Waldo Wilcox kept outsiders off his land, so no one knew it contained an incredibly preserved ancient Indian settlement, with arrowheads and beads lying out in the open. Now that they know about it, archeologists are calling it one of the most amazing finds they’ve ever seen.

The prehistoric village stretches for 12 miles, hidden inside the Book Cliffs region. In it there are hundreds of examples of prehistoric rock art, granaries, pottery shards, stone houses and the mummies of some of the people who lived there. Researchers think the site was occupied for 3,000 years until it was abandoned 1,000 years ago, when the Indians who lived there mysteriously vanished. What makes it so special is that it is untouched by looters. Archaeologist Kevin Jones says, “It was just like walking into a different world.”

Wilcox grew up on the ranch, which was originally purchased by his parents. He kept its secret until he recently decided to retire and sold the 4,200 acre ranch to the government because “I’m getting old and couldn’t take care of it.”

“It’s a national treasure,” says museum curator Duncan Metcalfe. “There may not be another place like it in the continental 48 states.”

Wilcox says, “It’s like being the first white man in there, the way I kept it. There’s no place like it left?They were little people, the ones I’ve seen dug up. They were wrapped like Egyptians, in strips of beaver skin and cedar board, preserved as perfect?I didn’t let people go in there to destroy it. The less people know about this, the better.”

Will we ever learn the secrets of other civilizations?

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