Despite government pressure on NASA not to support the scenario in The Day After Tomorrow, scientists are backing the science behind the film. The part of the film most of them object to has to do with the compression of events that they think will happen gradually. Marine physicist Tim Barnett says, “What happens will frankly be worse than what they show, in the long run. Our lives and all our systems will get stretched and stretched and pushed and pushed. The conflicts that will come up will be remarkable.” Andrew Bridges quotes oceanographer William Patzert as saying, “?Perhaps it’s an opportunity to crank up the dialogue on our role in climate change.”

“To have a major studio release of a movie tackling a serious issue is a terrific opportunity for Americans to start talking about the reality of the problem, what can be done about it and the enormous threat that President Bush is not dealing with,” says Peter Schurman of, which will be holding a rally outside the Museum of Natural History in New York during the premiere.

Former vice-president Al Gore, who will attend the rally, says, “Millions of people will be coming out of theaters on Memorial Day weekend, asking the question, ‘Could this really happen?’ I think we need to answer that question.”

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