The mysterious lights appearing over San Ysidro, California on the night of April 28th have been identified by the photographer who took the shot as the lights of an array of television antennas. Mystery solved. For more information, click here. No doubt the military didn’t comment because they had nothing to say, and NBC 7 pulled its video because the mistake became apparent. Join the club, NBC7 and don’t be embarrassed! There’s always a risk in reporting on the unusual, as we know all too well on this website. The important thing is to tell it like it is: when a mystery is solved, it’s solved.

Strange lights appeared in the San Ysidro, California sky on the night of April 28th. San Ysidro is on the Mexican border and 17 miles south of the San Diego Naval Base. The lights were observed and recorded by a Channel 7 San Diego TV crew. When military authorities in the area were contacted, they refused to comment, and now NBC 7 has gone silent as well. According to the previously classified US Air Force study, "Project Blue Book UFO", San Diego’s military air space has long been reported as an area of heavy UFO activity, and after receiving multiple phone calls on the night of April 28th describing colored lights in the sky, NBC 7 responded, capturing the images on tape and gathered eyewitness accounts. The station reported:

"Some said they appeared to be red, blue, and green and kept flashing and changing colors. Some who saw them say the lights didn’t seem to move, like those on a plane or a drone…We put in calls to the military here to see if they could identify what these were. So far, no response."

Experts initially thought that the lights were a lens reflection on a witness’s camera, but the refusal of both the authorities and the TV station to comment further casts doubt on that explanation. In addition, the lights were observed with the naked eye by witnesses. The station also removed its report from YouTube.

Alejandro Rojas of Open Minds said, "I think this whole thing is fishy. If it’s a lens reflection of the bright lights near the ground, which I suspect, then the NBC 7 photographer would probably know that. The lights would not have been visible in the air — just in the camera…I called NBC 7 to speak to the photographer, but I was sent to a voicemail where I left a message. I also emailed the reporter that posted the video, but thus far, I have not been able to speak to anyone with NBC 7," Rojas said. Without the cooperation of NBC 7, San Diego, no further analysis of the photographs is possible.

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